My Dear Soul-Sister......

My Dear Soul-sister,

The very word "soul-sister" - took me ages to accept it thou u hv used it liberally from a long time! Maybe simply cause I could not believe that one can love a third person as one would love a sibling.....

The funny part is how the equation changed between us - from a manager - reportee one to a I-am-so-in-awe of u to one today that has some semblance of being "equals". Of course u can still be the tyrannical elder sibling who can spoil my happiness until I decide to see sense :-P

The thing that I love the most thou is the unflinching confidence I have in you that I can throw any verbal missile at you, bombard you with my darkest thots (lemme assure u tht it woul hv made anybody else look at me like a weirdo) without u being judgmental.

You know u have been a strong anchor in times when i lose hope n drown in my own grief! Thank you for being there always!

Here is wishing u on ur B'ay a lotta good luck, good health, more money, more happiness n many happy memories simply cause u deserve them the most!  hope this year sees us breaking the jinx of " Why Bad things happen to good people"! Amen......

Heres a slice of virtual-cake to bring in ur spl day......

Linking this to AtoZ Challenge - D is for Dear N delicious cakes (Cake n pic both courtesy Hubbs)


  1. A very happy birthday to your soul-sister! Has she read this post? This would be a unique gift for her on her special day! :)

    1. I made sure she read the post Shilpa :-P

  2. Such a lovely post and Many HAppy Returns of the day to your sister :)

  3. :D Happy Birthday to your soul sister! What a gorgeous cake! May you both always be happy and close!

  4. Birthday wishes to your sister.

  5. very sweet! Hope she has a wonderful day!

  6. It's lovely to have someone you can confide in and trust. A happy birthday to her and may you friendship grow stronger.

  7. Happy Birthday to her and that cake can you send me one piece elapse?