2011 - A review!!

When 2011 came ringing in, I had recorded my wish list here... Today almost at the fag end of the year lets see where it stands!

For starters I hv hardly achieved any in the list.... But well its 2011 and well the number "4" has to bring something in its wake(read up the post to know why)....

So Indeed as I said, 2011 thou dint see me doing a "tick" on any of the items in my wish-list what it instead did was set the machine for the wish list in action... Be it ma sis marriage or ma good news! Now if u ask me thts like more than 60% job done.

N jus so that its indeed recorded ~~ 2011 is the year that saw the item that topped my wish-list for four years come true(no qs plz) and now thts saying something rt :) Of course the xtra time I I got to spend with ma mom-sis was the unexpected bonanza!

Heres hoping that 2012 sees us taking all these things into their logical- happy ending ~~ Fingers crossed! As I type this, I realize that its a BIG ask and me hopes that things jus fall in place.


  1. Here is to wishing you a very happy 2012.

  2. Whoa! I will be waiting for the good news then :D

  3. Wish you a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New year 2012