The joy of Doing nothing.....

Hv u eva been on a vacation n felt bogged down with the "to-do" list in the place... I know I am a culprit there! Given this, when peop suggested a hill station which is a stones throw away from B'lore with a promise of "Doing nothing" it seemed promising. So "Yelagiri Hills" it was.....

But but  calling it a "Hill station" may really be a exaggeration.. Its jus a wee  bit cooler than blore but yeap a welcome relief from sultry Chennai!

Second, The possibility of any recreation activity there is next to zero. The only strenuous thing(or rather the only thing) u can abt do is go for a trek up the Swami Malai (The trek is indeed easy, coming from somebody who is nimble footed like me ~~ Its saying something) ! The other v dubious attraction of "Nature Park" is well avoided! The lake there? Hmmm good for a stroll but nothing To write home abt!

Hmm now I know that its not alays the "tourist attractions" that hv people flocking to a hill station... But each place has a USP ~~ Solitude, nature, weather ~~ Yelagiri jus doesn seem to score v great in any of these depts.....

So ma suggestion there if u visiting the place,  Choose a hotel where u hv some foliage to stroll around cause tht may turnout to be the only source of entertainment (apart from the swami malai trek)!

Now Now looks like I hv painted a v sad pic of the place! Its still a place you could do a quick get-away to escape the hustle n bustle of the city, to jus sit back n relax as well even if u chose otherwise the "to-do" list in the place is next to nothing :-D. I am told thou that during some months this place is a haven for para gliding.......

You cans see the other images from yelagiri here

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  1. Hello.
    Very nice picture.
    Wishing you a good Tuesday.
    / Hanne Bente ♥

  2. I also promise very time that on my next vacation I am going to do nothing!

    But the picture is indeed beautiful.

  3. That pic had given me much more hope :P It looks beautiful!:)
    Where r the other pics though? U meant to link elsewhere?

  4. Very nice title :)
    nice shot btw :)