To a gr8 person.......

Look closely at this n lemme what do you see? Two kids from a rural setup on the way to school? rural empowerment? Right to education? Look more closely do you observe anything else??

Look more closely... Do u notice that only the boy has shoes in his leg while the gal is bare-footed! Imagine walking on the village roads(translates to next-to-nothing) on bare foot :-/.

BTW neither did I notice this until it was pointed out by my FIL... speaks something of the person rt :). Its jus topping on the cake, tht he is a big time advocate of gals ... I tell yea its soopa fun to hv mock fights with ma MIL N her son when I hv him on ma side... lol!

But of course a person like this does deserve a space esp on his bday(Dec 8) here rt..... Join me as I wish him a gr8 year ahead......

Linking this to Color Dekors......


  1. Your 'fights' sound like fun and the cake looks great (I hope it is a cake of some sort).

  2. belated b'day wishes to your FIL. Really a rare breed of men who respect women. be proud you are part of such family. I am proud of mine too!

  3. That's so nice :) Best wishes to him!:)

  4. wowww yummy n simple topping just loved it sure will try for my next cake

  5. Oh wonderful.. Happy birthday to your FIL.. .And yes.. I didn’t notice it at first.. I looked to see if all were carrying school bags.. That’s so sad.. isn’t it?