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Well u always knew tht Favouritism is a bad thing rt! But did you know tht when you  start showing "favouritism",  it always keeps you on the edge n neva lets u sit back n relax! Possibly jus common sense rt.... You wan your fav team to win n not the "May the best team win"!

So why this spl note on favouritism?  Cause the above point jus drove into my mind in last few days.. Its transpires something like this..

I hv been for last few weeks a regular fixture in front on TV when "Master Chef India" gets telecasted (Na na not cause of cooking.. But looking at well laid food is orgy in itself :)). Now in this season among the team of contestants my fav was one Mr. Puneeth ~~ if u hv been following this you'll agree that he isnt really the best of the lot there. But but possibly cause he was this rolly-polly uncle who seemed almost helpless ~~ Something in me rooted fro him(somewhere he reminds me of my daddy :-/). So each episode was more about "Will Puneeth get eliminated" than anything else!

But today post his elimination, for the first time I got to sit back, relax n enjoy the episode and see the best team win :)

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  1. Never watched any episode but you make it sound interesting.