Portraits Of India!

That was the exhibition where ma hubs pic was selected n displayed.... A moment to be proud of rt :) The proudest thou seemed his 85+ year old grand ma who despite her age manged to climb up all those stairs to hv a glimpse of her grandsons first exhibition :). N thn had a passer-by read out the entire caption accompanying the pic....

Pouring over her grandsons pic printed in the book released to mark the occasion!

BTW u know whats the wish tht is rt at the top of her wish list now... No not jus to hv a glimpse of her rolu-polu great grandson(!) but hv that news be flashed on every other news channel ala Abh--Ashs child.... LOL!

Now back to the exhibition, it truly captured the "Portraits of India"..... from Leh to Up, From Rajasthan to Maharashtra, from Karnataka to Chennai, from Pondi to Kerala.... From apple-of-the-eyes to orphans, from old men left on the streets to doting grandparents...From Farmers to Tea Masters, From drama artit to Fisherman, From Priest to Naked Nagas, From fortune teller to anti-poachers.... From Kathak to bhartanatyam, from Kathakali to Yakshgana...... From Sindhoor Khela to Pongal... From Namaaz to Sandhya Vandanam.... Truly it was a riot of colors that captured the spirit of India!

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  1. Congratulations and woohoo, I know a celebrity couple ;)
    Aww she is rt in thinking so :P We will all wait for the news :D

    I wud hv luved to visit that exhibition :)

  2. lol!! Thats so cute. .her wish!! super cute!!

    Lovely to know about the exhibition..and there is no harm... in thinking like your gran.. really!! Wish you good luck..

    PS... is there any good news coming up??