To New Beginings.....

Today is the day I bid one of ma work buddy cum close frnd goodbye as she leaves the place to explore Betta options.....A singer(opera), a dancer, the strangest combi of tomboy -n- girl-next-door -n- A diva, A gr8 cook (n a a betta bartender), Personal chauffeur(lol).......All term that describes her to Tee!

The last few years for her hv been anything but tough.... The biggest lesson one could probably learn from her is how not to an adversity take over ur entire life; How you can still smile at the face of never ending problems; How you need not be projected as sad-soul in front of all not-so-well-meaning acquaintances .....N just for records, forget being called a 'Sad-Soul' she was regarded as one of the 'Non-Accessible-Hot-Chicks' on floor!! Haa the look on the faces of men nee boys(well even ladies too... But yea so tht u get it rt the intonations there are diff :-D) as she pulls of with aplomb the dresses which would jus border on 'bOLD' ......

N look at the game of fate, Shes staring off this new journey not jus @ work but well after hving thrown outta the window a few personal baggaes thts been bogging her down....... Heres hoping that this step leads her to a new tomorrow full of happiness, promises, hope, joy and  a Complete 'Home'.... Go ahead sweetheart, You are done with all the troubles in life... Now let the celebrations Begin!


  1. Milna tha kismat
    Bichadna ha naseeb
    Wo itni hi door ho gayi jitni thi kareeb !!

    Adab arz hai

  2. Oh wishing her the very best!

  3. wishing her all the very best in life..