The Depth at which a seed should be buried....

.. Should be less than the diameter of the seed!

Howwzzaat for a freebie gyan! Thou the sherlock-Holmey me does wonder what should be the depth if the seed is like oval in shape???

N na before u wonder if I hv taken to gardening.. well well you couldnt hv been wronger!I got this piece of gyaan courtesy Mr. Anand of Basic Halli! Yea yea thts where I was headed to this weekend :-D. Promise to review that soon.. In the meantime hv a glimpse of the sunset clicked there... pic courtesy hubbs ofcourse!

Linking this upto Color Deckors Weekend Wrapup ~~ Go on look at what others were upto this weekend!


  1. Oh wow! U travel to interesting places :D

  2. wow!!Love your header! :)

  3. Wow! love the cool summer look of your blog :)

  4. Love the summer header, it looks so refreshing. And that sunset snap is just awesome..

  5. You've changed the look of your blog.. very pretty.. all ready for summer!!

    The photos are getting better by the minute... Well done!! ;-)