Back to Basics...

... @ Basic Halli!

Lets get the facts rt at the outset.. Shall we? When they say 'Basic' they mean 'Basic'(V Basic).. So if u head there expecting a village experience while still being lapped in all luxuries of the day then sorry this is the wrong place! Sample this to know what am talking... A tent with a mat, bed sheet, air pillow comprises ur living quarters, When darkness sets in the only source of light would be the camp fire or one of those strong torch lights (Keeps the insects - flies away ~~ Makes sense in a village!) n of course no Fan(Can get pretty ho in the afternoons!)

Now tht u got these 'basics' rt lets head to the more-than-basic fun u could hv....  A huge hammock(actually a strong net over a water tank) that can easily accommodate 4-5 people ~~ The best place to lull around in morning n evenings with a book in hand n let the gentle breeze from the water n the canopy of trees to put you to sleep(Bliss!)

Take a long 2 km walk (with a few Shepard's n lotta cattle for company) till u reach the pleasantest n most peaceful lake(I tell yea it redefines peace!) ~~ U can go boating on bamboo rafts or still betta take a quick dip in the clean natural waters(will beat any swimming pool1)

Take along lotta marinated meat (or veggies if u prepare) ~~ N toss up the yummiest barbecue dinner!!!!! (Well something to keep u occupied during the dark hours of evening ~~ Scroll up to top to know why its dark; Of course u always hv the backup option of huddling around the campfire n yapping away to glory!)

Pick a few 'Organic' Veggies from their backyard!

N best of all feast on the yummy yummy yummy Ragi Mudde - Upu Saaru (Trust me it will leave u licking for more!)

Of course not to forget the warm company tht only a pet can guarantee!

All this at a mere 70 kms from Blore ... A nice weekend getaway huh :-D

All pics courtesy hubbs :) (ofcourse except the ones where hes the subject)


  1. it sure was fun..... welcome for the snaps :P

  2. That was indeed a great get away,I am sure you had a relaxed time spending close to nature..

  3. Lovvvvved this! Must plan a visit when am in Blr next :)