The Tuck Shop.....

Imagine in a far off countryside(ok now now tht was too wide a stretch of imagination) tucked into a hole in the wall is this warm, bright, lively place..... A place where as soon as you step in you are more often than not offered tea\coffe\water.... Where the walls are painted with cheery lines, flowers, slokas.....A place where you will see a group of ladies guffawing over much cheer n banter on clothes....  Where you are encouraged to try on different clothes n are gently guided to discard the fashion disasters(Me me me!) .....A place where you can exchange you can walk in with ur dabba(filled with rice n fish curry?) n walk out with a 'fav dress' that you been eyeing for sometime..... 

So go ahead guess what am I talking of? Did I hear you saying possibly a frnds place? Hmmm now what do i say? Tht you are right n wrong at the same time?

Ha cause am talking of  'The Tuck Shop'(Yea thats the name) tucked into a bylane near Varathur Lake! N nea nea theres no element of exaggeration involved in my above description! Sadly I don hv any pics to show off(except for the one from thier site)... Butt hop onto their site to hv a glimpse of the place(Thou gota say the site doesnt doesnt do any justice to the place!). Are u still wondering abt the 'dabba' part.... Ha thts the bartering system(yes yes the same one we read in our history books!), go on visit the site to know more....

Pic coutesy

I will leave u with a line that greets you as soon as you step in...."Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart"


  1. "Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart" Loved that tagline! The tuck shop sounds interesting :D Will go and check their site :)

  2. Oh nice!! I like the new look of your page.. very pretty!!

  3. Good business concept/model. The Barter system is more of a well thought marketing idea. At no additional cost, through word of mouth she (the owner) will get better response.

    About pursuing what captures your heart-- no comments!! :-)

    Good post!

  4. Thanks Meena...for your vote for Tuckshop!

    I love your style of writing...must barter your skills!



  5. Woww aweeesome! And luv that line :)