Stories oF Life - I

Once upon a time long long ago... almost a 100 years ago in a small village in Kerala lived a young girl ..... She was  bought up v lovingly by her uncles as her mother had bid goodbye to this world and they(uncles) decided to take upon themselves the bringing up of this girl(Also something to do with the maternal system of Nairs in Kerala). It was one of those families on whom the fortune was then smiling bright... So the little princess would be carted on palnquins\horse carriages to the scholl everyday... But to her credit she didn't let all this pampering get into her head. Instead she went onto become one of the first graduates of her village (n possibly one of the first ladies of her generation?)!

Now soon the princess grew upto be a young lady of marriageable age.... Imagine the hue-n-cry the uncles would have raised before finding a suitable suitor for her... afterall she was their only Apple-of-the-eye! The search went on far n wide n soon they found somebody who they thot were equal to her on all respects.... a postgraduate a good century ago was a rarity and he was thus deemed the lucky one! So started the new dawn....

The prince charming was indeed Mr. Charming... A well read scholar who went onto become a financial advisor to many known personalities of Indian govt\politics, A sutradhaar of Indias Five-Year-plans... But basically a dreamer, an idealist... A dreamer for whom the daily living was immaterial.. Who deemed running the country's financial wheels more important than teaching his son to fly a kite or to bother abt his childrens schooling(It was rumooured that he dint even know which scool his chikdren went to?) ; A dreamer of a new dawn, a idealist n a staunch communist who wrote off his(n wife's) entire ancestral property to the communist party!

The  princess(remember the story is abt her?) thou had little to complain abt... she was still leading quite a comfy life resting on what was then a plush, vast bungalow (Rented thou it was).....

Before I proceed further, take a min n think of what kind of lady u think she is...... A brave lady who thou has seen the best of life is now ready to fight it out for a husband n his idealism's? Or a born-with-silver-spoon(which somehow generally translates to being spoilt) and so cant-be-bothered about the economics of daily life... Somebody who  is  happy letting the hubbs do what he wants as long as she gets her bread-butter, a big house n all luxuries?????

Hmmm give it a thot until I come back with more on this.....


  1. Ah c'mon girl don't stop here...we are waiting..I think she is a brave lady :)

  2. Keeping your readers dangling in eagerness to know what will come next is so not fair, Meena! Out with the next part NOW!!

    BTW, I didnt think the lady was spoilt, maybe just resigned to her fate.