I Baked a Chocolate Cake!

Yeah Yeah Yeah! Stop rolling your eyes and no its not some easy breezy cake mix that you put in oven and in a zap comes out the cake!! N No its no book's name either!
This was made from scratch with all raw materials ..maida, coco powder, egg, mika, sugar n alll!! Still dont believe me...well well they say a picture is worth thousand words...then so be it!!

Hmm ok now u thinking this looks v amateurish n there is a slight probability that she made it but but but there has gotta be a catch :-D. Sad I say!!

psssst.....yeah yeah there is indeed a catch...Just hop on here to know why!! Easy huh?? N now u become a cake making pro just like me!!! Hee hee hee!! Ha N I bet now u like "what the hell!! Does this work??" Exactly what I thot but trust me it does n it truly yummily does! N u MR.Tintin am sure this would be now a part of ur showing-off-to girls routine!!

May be you could add a few dry fruits n a dash of rum to it n bake or may be have it with chocolate sauce to make it truly relishing (U impressed with my culinary ideas ha! Well well I'll pass on the compliments to my hubbs :-D)

Yours truly was so excited with this culinary discovery that I couldn’t wait to blog it! But as I write this I have my tongue literally hanging out and all salivating!! No No No, dont shake ur head n say Kodhichi(hogger in malayalam)! Its the result of a disaster tht followed!

As yours truly was fetching the bottle of chocolate sauce , there was a drop of what she thot was the chocolate n the kodichi that she indeed is , licked it clean only to realize that it was instead a god damn drop of spicy concentrated chilly n then what followed was something akin to a war dance! Tongue kept under running water, bottles of water n curd at last bought some solace!

What a start to weekend u say!! But now do u believe that am indeed being made to cook...sob sob sob! N dearies before u say it, lemme clarify in the chocolate cake the only contribution of my hubbs was to whisk it all up!!!


  1. is that a cake ..

    looks like a big load of dung or mud .. shaped for april 1 prank ..!

  2. Exaclty wht u deserve on ur B'day!

  3. LOL @ name of a book girl .. u cracked me up :P
    Anything remaining for us or it ws all over in a jiffy?

  4. That "is" a cake
    And its not a fake
    I can say it without haste
    Since I had the first taste!!