Life is so v unfair....

....especially when your mother gangs up with her Son-In-Law and makes yours truly slog her ass off in the kitchen....sob sob sob!!

Cooking, cooking n lots of cooking is all I did in the weekend......made rotis(after months together :-p ~~ Dal was courtesy hubbs), pittu (Curry courtesy made my hubbs dearest ~~ U c I v firmly believe in division of labour) and  then had to wake up early morning to make idli - stew for breakfast...Yeah yeah I know too much of cooking !!!

As if all this weren't enuf...I even conjured out this yum yum looking jelly! Valentine's day special U c(so what if its a good one week post the D-Day :-D)

A  bit of empathy and lots of sympathy would be appreciated for all this hard work!


  1. Oh ho .. lotz of work indeed, am sure though that u were showered with much more love :)
    Every day is V-Day for those in love, so the D-day does nt matter ;) ;)

  2. Knowing u.... Ya its lots of cooking.. And the jelly looks really yummy!!!
    Everybody has to start somewhere.... ;)