Books N Me!

Hmm our relationship dates back to few decades now....Thnx to my dad who was a voracious reader n a gr8 story teller! He got me hooked to the books.... right from Gokulam, Champak(anybody here read it?), Chandamama, Tinkle, Enid Blyton and then M&B(Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! He was broad minded enuf to realize that one fine day am gonna hooked on to this and so decided to make the initiation himself)......... But somehwere down the line I have got stuck to 'Fiction'..... Even a highly recommended non - fictions refuse to hold me attention!

So onto the books am currently reading....well this post is not exactly a book review but something more…..

Ha "Marley And Me"! A real doggy-touching story! Na Na its not about a great or a brave dog.... But instead about an hopelessly indiscipned, lop-sided in short a very much imperfect dog! But well isnt that what Life is all about....Its never picture perfect! But its this imperfect picture that gives us lots of joy, happiness and most importantly hope! N that is what the story teaches us...No preacy long sentences but the story conveys this and drives it into the head with no extra effort at all!! The book all so touches on a few dull momments that each marriage goes thru but in a way that it doesnt leave u feeling gloomy.....instead u are left with beautiful feeling of 'hope'!!

N now to the next one....... Ha this one I picked up solely on the shop owner's reccomendation but what caught my eye in is the tag line...."Every Family has a story"..... true isnt it!  Stories not significant enuf to be broadcast on your TV or evena column in local newspaper..... But significant enuf to change somebody's life! N this exactly is what the stories in the book are!! Stories of how a young girl wins a fight with her aayah, Story of how a girl decides not -to-commit suicide, stories of how the children in their 20's start empathizing with their parents..... Ha a refreshing read! A big thumbs-up from my side!!

Ha thou I sit n write this today my mind n heart are busy raging a war..... A big unrest is what it is in! But well it woke me up to a few facts in life too.....


  1. lol.. not back.... managed to read ur blog at last....

    but am sure u wud have been happy doing FCA than writing this one... i know i know... u can thank me later for this.... !!!

    if i knew you any better, this is whats on ur mind now.. "kick u later for this"

  2. Champak, Chandamama, Gokulam .. ofcourse, hv read all of them :)
    I like Wisdom too .. gives too much of it for the Rs.5 it takes :P
    Hv heard abt the Red Carpet .. a positive review here too .. wil get it sometime :)

  3. Define a bibliophile's hell?

    A dark place with millions of books but no light to read in!!

  4. very nice dear .... keep it up ....
    and for true written poem you can visit ....