A letter to self!

The woman’s day @ office was the usual boring affair.....you know the blah blah blah kinda speeches! Seriously they expect people to sit thru the....But on second thots what else can they do!!

But But lemme give them some credit where its due.... They had this wonderful compilation of 200 real life stories that the top execs across the globe had written to their own younger self....Basically elucidating what they did to reach here ~~ The struggle they faced, how they balanced life (marriage, motherhood, children) and career! Quite a innovative idea hey....Ok I agree a few were pompus n blowing their own trumpet kinda letters....But most were truly inspiring....Imagine somebody who started their career just like me(no fancy degrees, no fancy job) but today are right there at the top all this while juggling the same problems that we rant about day in n day out!

So u guessed what this post is about...Yeah Yeah am writing a post to my younger self :-D (A v long one at that)....Ok I aint any top shot but this is my space n am celebrity here rt :-P :-P

To my dearest Meena (Feels so very funny to pen this),

Hmm lemme see what have we got here......A father’s pet(spoilt?), happy going, super confident teacher's pet! A padaakoo is all u seem to be completely missing ina ction in sports, dance, drama etc.... But but do I hear u complaining? Of course not! U think all the others are just a waste of time...N even look down upon all the others (snooty is it?)!! Ho my sweetie pie, How I wish U understand that all of these are so very important as you grow up in life......You would anything to be able to sing, dance, play sports, actr in a drama, drive a car few years down the line! N there is really no need for u to dig your noses into those damn books...they ain't gonna take u anywhere! All that which is gonna help u is the basic common sense u been blessed with (Thank ur stars for it)

(Few years down the line in the college)
Hmmm so u ended up in an engineering college is it (N am not surprised that u think its cause u r 'Brillaint') buit but but I say there are few things that you are better at. But too late to say it now......................

Ha ha what do I see here? A change...small yet significant enuf!! Well u still haven’t shrugged off that ‘good-student\Teacher’s pet Tag’…But now u think its cool to boo at teachers n manners n bunk your college is it!! Thanks to those sensible friends who seem to have very sensibly displaced you from your pedestal! N lemme drive it into ur brain...U R Beautiful! Stop frettinga bout it!!

N whats with those virtual - love affairs babe?? Hmm or may be I shouldn’t complain....what’s teenage days without a few silly love stories to spice it up! As long as u dont take it to ur heart sweetie.....

(Another few years n into a MNC)
Ha a relief! U hv atlast learned to kick ur shoes n relax! Thou u could still do with a bit of 'glam up'/….N seriously u should try being a bit more feminine…Kicking people, sticking gum into their heads is taking it a bit too much! Ho Ho but on flip side how about taking ur career a bit more seriously...Ok I agree this is not what u waana do, But who knows this is training u up into a job where there is no coding n u'll be thankful for this period! Job change, better salary, marriage will all happen in good time! Well well tht nonsense of an affair must have made this phase a truly v. happy affair!

So just sit back , enjoy n live in present!

Yours Loving,
Meena Menon :)

( N cut to present....)

Hmm ok I seem to have glammed -up, kicked away my 'coding job' (Am I enjoying what I waana do?? Not the 'working time' for sure as for the role Maybe too early to answer…. lemme give it some more time) but I still regret those early days of not learning to dance, sing, drive ....U says its not too late now?? May be I should stop blaming myself….I hv a feeling that it should be something to do with how my brain is programmed...I just ain't any good at this...Yeah yeha u can pour in some sympathies!!

Ha I am surprised I did such a good job of ripping myself apart but more important of conveying what was always in mind!                          


  1. Evolution of Meena... thts really a sincere confession..
    I still remember u in all the phases.. remember the 'padaku' meena who would sob away just b'coz she lost 2 marks in her maths paper..and to suit the picture well, she had this big spects which wld cover her entire face.
    and the present meena we have is a huge contribution of Satyam and after marriage grooming lessons frm pravin i guess...
    But one thing which is still the same is tht smile on ur face (ear to ear) ;)

  2. hehe...it was so nice reading your blog chechy.....i just had few old memories about the school goin meena chechy....it was nice to know bout ya post school life.... and i say its not too late to learn anything chechy... you can still try dancing or singing ..i m not sure of wer its gonna get you to..but i know that you ll have lil satisfaction somewer in your heart....:)

  3. common sense and uuu... OMG OMG OMG... don use such big words.... !!!

    n u were a what... ? 'Padakuu' oh freak... tht scares me...

    but yea.. gotta add this... ur not all that bad at this age... so y bother about ur younger self... go ahead, dig urself into those lovely dishes (in diff restaurants) and put on a few more kilos... lol, thts all u need to do at this point of time... :)