When Fate comes Knocking.....

Its not very often that u c a blog from me on socially relevant issues......Cause all that I have to say would have all been said.....N at the end of the day all these sayings just go down the drain!

But But But as I now sit down to blog, it seems so v wrong to write on about yet-another hotel or movie review! After all the lady who jumped to her death from top floor of Carlton Towers yesterday wasn’t she somebody like me ~~ A 20 something, working professional, A young wife, A mother of two(ok I am not there yet).........Well until yesterday her life n mine would hv been going in so v similar parallel tracks...Most probably on last weekend she too must have caught on a movie, binged out at a restaurant n then she comes to work(cribbing am sure) only to be caught in a fire accident ~~ The only escape that she saw from it was the jump from 7th floor(Me in her shoes ~~ the very own thot freaks me out)! Imagine the hopeless situation that she should have been to attempt doing this!!

These co-incidences(yet another co-incidence?? This place is a stone's throw away from my work place)  gives me creeps, wipes off the arrogant confidence of being in control of our lives After all being in a wrong place at a wrong time can alter your life unimaginably...... Did the lady know that yet-another day in office is gonna end like this!!!! Makes me waana pass a quick prayer upwards, to be thankful for yet-another-day that I get to spend here!

May her soul RIP and may the family have the courage to move on!

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  1. I just cannot get over it yet :(
    May their souls RIP. And yes, we need to be thankful for every day that passes by smoothly!