Sub of the day...

... From my home with love!

with bacon, salami napoli, turkey salami, cheese, fried eggs and the works

Hubbs in action again! Time he makes food his true calling I say.

Linking this to ABC Wednesday(K is For King-Sandwich)

N ho while we on food, I think the below incident deserves to be recorded here.

Yesterday, after more than 5 years of marriage - I caught hubbs while he was lying thru his teeth. He bought this 'something' online and then tried passing it off as a 'Freebie'! But of course he got caught red-handed when I had a glimpse of the transaction on his lappie.   

 What disturbed me most is the fact tht he lied to me for a paltry 1500(k not-so-paltry)!The reason mister musters up with a unhappy face is that it was a thing he had set his heart on n it was a deal he couldnt let go. Pssst... he adds in under-tone that he was half-afraid I will shoot it down right away(do I sound like a hilter) :-/. Some excuse Bah :-/

Anyways wouldn't u wana know what was this precious thing for which he did all this drama.... no not a gadget, not a gizmo, not a book... it turns out to be some "Magic Bullet Food Blender"  ! Can U beat this... He was right thou, I would hv definitely shot it down :-/

N ho he has the cheek to add that he cant be trusted to not to lie when it comes to kitchen purchases n his shoes! Whoa! I kid u not, I will soon hv to file for bankruptcy ... Boohooooooo 


  1. The King Sandwich looks super yummy and tempting!
    Awwww, that was such a sweet thing to buy for you and your kitchen!! :D

  2. I hope he uses the blender to justify the purchase and you get nice things to eat!

  3. Maybe he means to make you something with it to cheer you up?
    Nice sandwich :)

  4. Sometimes married guys just want to feel that they have SOME autonomy. not to excuse the lie

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team