Good News syndrome!

So as I said in previous post, we celebrated 5 years of our marriage recently(Aug 31). "Learning Together" is the best that describes these 5 years for us - starting from being clueless(Ho who am I kidding - I think we still are!) to being wee-bit-less-clueless(:-D). Donno abt hubbs(I think he is slowly grudgingly getting there :-D) but its definitely true of yours truly(:-P). U C now growing old, Bank balance(or rather lack of it), health-n-lifestyle are all giving me palpitations - truly sign of growing up na :-D

The v obvious q tht we are asked as soon as we mention 5 years of marriage is but of course the much dreaded "So how many children" - n ho this can come from your relatives to next-door-aunty to the lady at beauty parlor (baaa!). As long as its at this non-intrusive level, I laugh it off ~~ but ho! if u try nget too intrusive abt it  - with no qualms whatsoever are u placed in the "ignore" list (n ho me good at it!). Giving somebody a dose of "ignore maadi" gives me a definite high - so beware! While I would love to throw some attitude around n say tht we will hv a baby when we want one - this subject is a sensitive one for the simple reason tht the missing child is not cause of lack of trying :-/

On this note, lemme tell u tht I hv a laprascopy scheduled for tomo ... sob sob sob!

PS: I think its only fair tht I thank my stars that not a single person(not even hubbs 85 year old grandmom) even whimpered of a child(or make it lack of it) when they wished us on anniv!


  1. Good luck for your test. Kids will happen when they happen. We adopted a darling little girl after 9 years of marriage. But we adopted because we wanted to :D And everyone in the family loves her. And now I have to actually remind myself that she is our adopted baby!

  2. Belated wishes for the anniversary! And all the very best for test!
    Take care! :)