Intricate Designs!

A click @Halebidu on way to Chikmagalur. This place is truly a delight for every historian - But is a dream-come-true for a photography buff! To quote the exact words of hubbs "This place will drive me crazy - I dono where to start n where to end!"

The stones used(N they made 100% from stones n jus stones) are supposedly quarried from Tumkur and the reason they are used so extensively in temples is cause they are easy to chisel n the more they are expose to sun n rain, the stronger they become!

Linking this to Thursday Challenge - "FANCY" (Decorated, Embellished, Deluxe, Frilly, Intricate,...). Truly Intricate designs arent they?


  1. Interesting and beautiful!
    Enlarged the pic and am amazed at the intricate work! Awesome!

  2. Lovely picture, on my list of places to visit is Tanjavur, another feast to the eyes and camera :-)
    Thanks for dropping by and do keep coming back!

  3. Waw amazingly beautiful..Yeah even I would have gone crazy taking pictures of these interesting artwork :)

  4. Have never been there :( and it looks lovely.