Finding Nemo!

The caption n the pic are courtesy hubs!

Beautiful it of course is, but what I like abt this pic is the setting where it was shot. No it wasnt shot when he went snorkeling(:-p) or in a giant aquarium! Believe me if you will, this was shot at a dusty small aquarium on a way side hotel on the Kerala-B'lore highway!

Of course it drives me up the wall - imagine the heads tht turn when he goes click click click with a SLR at these wayside hotels or a village-side..... eeeeee! But when I see these results like above, I end up indulging him yet again :-D (Like I hv a option)

Linking this to thursday Challenge - "ATTRACTIVE" (Beautiful, Good Looking, Handsome, Cute, Sweet,...)


  1. Lovely click! If you would not have said I could never guess this was at a way side dhaba!

  2. Attractive indeed!
    What would you say, if I say that I click everything around too!! :P

  3. Great photo. He looks hungry! :)

  4. Nice story! :D And indeed a great shot!