Romanticism ~~ Hubbs version!

When hubbs whisks u off from office on a weekday from office, to celebrate his B'day(was a good month ago) .... more like to make up for screwing up my day by not getting me in time for a meeting @ work, I go all week-kneed envisioning a 'romantic' sojourn! But but knowing hubbs, I knew there has to be a catch somewhere! Of course the apple doesn’t fall off v far from the true....

His idea of a 'Romantic' day ended up driving off into some unknown nook off the city (luckily far far off from the maddening traffic), treating u to a roadside dhaba lunch. If u think me exaggerating here hv a look at this pic!

Yea u see that rt, beer in a plastic glass... how much more romantic can it get huh.. Grrrr!. Don u miss tht dog at the background BTW this is a v common visual whenever we head out outside the city.... Dogs(n monkeys if its his lucky day) follow him ala the piped-piper story! Doesn’t he look like a perfect 'Devdas' in here :-D. (Dhaaru in one hand with the dog curling up closer)... Some definition of a romantic date huh!

When we on this topic lemme also show u a pic of how his romantic-date lunch looked like too ~~ Roti, Dal Fry, Chicken Tikka with some green chilies(n beer in platsic glass :-P) .... sob, sob sob. Go ahead, roll ur eyes!

I hv to add(thou grudgingly) that the topping on the cake was the sighting of this lovely, deserted, a treat-to-city-tired eyes water-body tucked in far far away from the maddening crowd. The rain drops (for once i welcomed the rain) that showered for jus a litt while, cooled the place giving it a magical glow:-D. Ho no, don let ur imagination run wild.... the romanticism ended with enjoying the nature! Somebody has to take ma hubbs thru a crash course in being romantic I say!


  1. But that sounds so nice! How about walking 2-3 km as well :;

  2. The last pic - the place is so beautiful!:)

  3. An interesting date with hubby, I would say! :)