Few books by Jaishree Misra

I read a sinppet of Jaishrees Misras book "Ancinet Promises" when I was flipping thru the book the book "Where the rain is born". She  came highly recommended by Sabina Zacharias ~~ n ofcourse undoudetly i was hooked!

So this book - "Ancient Promises" has been on my to-read list for ages now! The book revolves around a educated-outside-Kerala, smart young bride getting into a rolling-in-money family ~~ written in a simple straightforward manner thts a joy to read! But unfortunately, I hvnt yet got around to reading the entire book

I hv thou chanced to read two of her other books - "Rani" and "Secrets and Lies". "Rani" is a historical fiction centered around - Rani Lakshmi Bai. I had picked it up with high hopes after a dose of mughal trilogy by Indu Sundaresan. The book started to a good start ~~ but somewhere off lost the steam :-/.

Now onto the other one - "Secrets and Lies" will not fall in one of the "must-read" list. But then not all books need to fall in the list ~~  Its a book I still enjoyed reading. A simple story revolving around friends, teachers, relationships etc.....

A writer whose writing seems as much a joy to read as her stories.. So "Ancient Promises" it is!


  1. And I have read nothing by her! So many books ...

  2. I have read and immensely liked Ancient Promises by Jaishree Misra. I found another one of her books at the library last week-- A Scandolous Secret.Haven't started reading it though...

    1. will wait for ur review. I jus wish more book of indian authors were there in kindle