Thats Ma Little Niece Up there!
Reaching upto the skies, riding way up the tress, letting the wind caress your face........Now if this aint zest for life than whats :)

Linking this to ABC Wednesday(Z is for Zest)

With This I end a successful season of ABC Wednesday! U can look them all up here........

You bet, I had soopa fun doing them! At a time when life was crazy this was my only anchor to blogging. The fun of trying to weave a story around a pic n the joy when u happy with the end result.... Priceless!!

Thank You ABC Wednesday!


  1. Even Chhavi my daughter loves this! And it is a lovely click.

  2. This definitely is! :)
    Congrats on the successful round-up!:)

  3. And we were pleased to have you here!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team