Typical accompaniments with our morn cup of tea is 2 Marie n one choco cream bisc! Now ma hubbs who cant otherwise be trusted to do the grocery shopping without a list in hand, does a enviable job of ensuring that they are stocked up!

It so happened that this sat night, he opens the fridge only to realize that his stock of choco cream bisc is run out while the marie bisc is almost overflowing. So  cooking-in-my-genes enthu-cookie of hubbs who is already high on his regular dose of  Food porn(:-D I think I luv this word) thanks to Masterchef Australia~~ pre-heats the oven, stuffs his fav Lindt Dark choc(yuks) in between two marie biscuits, Microwaves it for couple of mins n lo-n-behold look what you hv!

Tastes best when frozen!

PS-1: How I wish he replaced that dark choc with something more edible :-D
PS-2: I know there is no word like Yummy(liciouc) - but am allowed to coin new words ... lol!

Linking this to ABC Wednesday(Y is for Yummy(licious)!) and the Color-Deckors weekend wrap-up!(Ages I linked there simply cause my weekends off late hv been crazy!)


  1. I do think I'd like that!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Save some for me!

    abcw team

  3. I should have not looked at this post right in the morning!

  4. Hello.
    I'm a chocoholic and am already over-indulging just from the sight of this! How clever of your hubby to make this. You know dark chocolate is much better for you...it has lots of antioxidants and is a known aphrodisiac! (wink, wink, nude, nudge) LOL
    Thanks for sharing.

    You Make My Eyes Beautiful

  5. Oh lovely.. lovely... I think I need that too..