Where the rain is born.....

... Gods own country, Kerala should ofcourse be the ans rt? :-D

Pic Courtesy - Google!
No, am not being a Kerala-Fanatic. This is actually the title of a book by Anitha Nair. Its in fact a collection of stories from diff novels, diff authors where the subject was centered on 'kerala'!

Two things I luved abt this book. One, gives different perspective of life in Kerala ~~ All v distinct but all v. correct - If u ask me, no other books has so concisely captured the spirit of life in kerala in all its myriad colors!

Two, gives you glimpses of writings of different authors ~~ many of them unknown(at least for me) ~~ N for all you know you will end up finding your next fav author from here. I definitely did - more on them in the next few posts!

So if you a lover of Gods-Own-Country then go ahead n gift urself this! N no, dont jus take my word for it ~~ I was gifted this by Sabina Zacharias who definitely knows her books!


  1. And I have not even visited the state even once :(

  2. Luvvv .. am def. getting this. And I go by ur words and hers too. Loved whatever I have read depending on ur reviews :D

    P.S: Hv still not found Idli, orchid and willpower anywhere :( :(