'Bombay Toast' And Other Tales....

The tasty,filling,delicious yet easy-as-a-jiffy sunday morning breakfast... Jus puurfect for a cosy, cuddly Sunday morning :-D

More Food Porn For u! Pic courtesy Hubbs....
If u want to know, this is french toast with a twist! French toast minus the sweetening agents n of course topped with cheese strips - supposedly called "Bombay Toast" in these parts!
Now onto some other interesting news, my mom is decided to become a egg-iterian n a Fish-iterian after a long gap of 13 years! For once am happy that she decided to heed the docs advise...  Our incessant breathing down the neck jus kicked out the last iota of doubt she had :-D. Indeed its time for a "Pat On The Back"!

Linking this to Color Deckors weekend wrapup and ABC Wednesday(B is for Bombat Toast :-P)


  1. Now, that looks really yummy. Gud for a nice, lazy start to the weekend.:-)

  2. I'd love to know the origin of the name for that toast.

  3. I had never heard of this - interesting.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I am hungry now!
    Denise ABC Team

  5. Looks very tasty ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  6. One of my favorite quick breakfast, is a piece of multigrain toast, butter, raspberry jam topped with provalo cheese... Yumm.

    I know I would like your's too.

  7. Looks delightful!

    Set of B's
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team