Of Trust n other issues.....

I hv been the types who from the time I remember, wasn’t a big fan of being in places where I seem to hv no control! Possibly why, I was never fond of slides n all those contraptions u see in amusement parks ~~ of course the absolute lack of motor skills was the cherry on the cake!

Fast fwd to post marriage era! As luck would hv it, Hubbs thou well into his 30s now, can still give any child-teen a run for money once he sets foot in a amusement park!

Now my dear mister decides that not only will he climb up each of this like a monkey but will drag his mrs along (atleast on the easy ones!). But of course I firmly refuse to be a part of this hideous plan of his! Now comes the most interesting twist to this post....

The reason he accredits to this non-cooperation on ma side is my "Lack of Trust" in him! Now tell me plz how does not wanting to subject one to all those topsy-turvy stomach churning (who in their sane mind will!) be attributed to "Lack of trust" in him...... **Bangs my Heads**

Men I tell Yea!!!

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