Rain Rain..

...Come again, TODAY!

Nee not any rain-romanticism happening here! Its the very earthy-practical taurean in me speaking.

You see B'lore is Hardly seen any monsoon yet, thou we into Jul already! This will of course mean water scarcity! Now imagine what that will translate into - A hole in the pocket(who will pay the water tanker!), Some erratic regulated water timings... N I can bet ma last penny, that the organized selves that me-hubbs are, we will miss this sacred few drops of water n then run helter-skelter looking for a bucket of water!!! Stuff of Nightmares I say......

Mr.Varuna, Please be a sport and do shower some blessings this side of the town! Come to think of it - you more often than not are the uninvited guest on most of our hols n now u act pricey!!!! Phew!!!!!!!

Come to think of it ~~ What marriage does to a care-free gal like me! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  1. The water scarcity bit sounds bad! And I am a taurean too!