A Getaway.....

A day spent frolicking in the beach(a almost-private one at that) and pool as you guzzle down glasses n glasses of beer ~~ Now doesnt that seem like the perfect way to spend the weekend! And thts exactly what we did this weekend @Windflower in Pondi This must be one of the first vacations where we did zero sight-seeing(a quickie to Auroville doesnt count) n most importantly zero shopping(!!!!)!

But again as a colleague commented, to do jus this did u hv to drive all the way to pondi ~~ Couldnt u hv done jus the same at any of the resorts that dot Bangalore! Hmm yeap possibly ~~ But then a beach resort has a charm of its own n jus the very act of getting away from the 'Daily Living' can spruce up your entire system ~~ or as hubbs says "It is the journey that I cherish, more than the destination"!

The view from the room!

The Sand! I jus love that blue sky....
And the Beach....
Yea! I know there isnt anything "Pondi" abt these pics... But then as I said we hardly budged out from the hotel and the Beach :-D. BTW this trip was courtesy a gift voucher for a performance award that ma sis bagged from her work place.. How I wish ma comp would adopt such a policy to reward the best performance! Then sachi, I will pull my socks in no time :)

Linking this ColorDeckors weekend wrap up(Ages I hv shown up there) and ABC Wednesday(G for Getaway)


  1. Travel gift vouchers would be the perfect incentive for me!!!

    Looks like you had a good vacation.

  2. U r all "G"ushy about the trip !!

    Pheno, ABCE Team

  3. Getting away is a GOOD thing!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Whoa! Why doesn't everybody give such awesome GVs instead of boring gifts for the awards :(
    Sounds like a perfect weekend. Bliss!

  5. Nothing like a weekend relaxing on the beach to revive from the week just gone.
    Joy, ABC Team

  6. Yes.. Yes.. Its been ages.. How are you doing.. Meena??

    Loved to see pics of Pondi.. its on my list of places to visit.. :-)