As the D-Day of engagment approaches....

Here is hoping that both of you are indeed made for each other(The tongue-in-cheek msg on the cake below is courtesy hubbs:))

Here is Hoping that both of you indeed remain mad for each other not jus today, Not jus tomo but each and every day of you life together.....

Here is hoping that you hv a gr8 life ahead Dearies!

Linking this to ABC Wednesday (D is for D-Day of ma dearies)......


  1. happiness to the couple
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. What a Yummy way to say I love you. I've been mad about my man for 50 years, and counting!

  3. Mad for each other after 43 years ?? Now we are mad, but not together,lol !

  4. Love the quote on the cake and it looks yummy too.