Numero Uno!

Small for sure but hey its a mention nonetheless ~~ Hopefully the first of many(anti-jinx!). If u read this 3+ page article in Hindu(Yea! I know its a boring paper, but read it jus for this once) and peer hard at the 6th para you will see a mention of ma most fav blog(yea! yea! Am known for me modesty)  ~~  Pheno Menon's capturedalive  :-D(Hubbs Photoblog)  And if you are too lazy to go and read up that entire thing, here's a transcript of the same......

Another photoblog, Pheno Menon's capturedalive(  is the result of a play of colours, starkness and succinct comments, and a sound investment in a DSLR.

And a post on a photoblog deserves a pic for sure rt.... Leaving you with the current fav of mine! Fav simply cause itc reminds me of a succulent piece of cheese.... lol, Am a foodie for sure.......

Linking this to thursday Challenge ~~ "ONE" (One of Anything, Unique, Standing Out, Special,...)

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  1. Congratulations on the mention to both of you. Yes to me too the moon looks like rasgulla!