Are Dreams a epitome of things to come?

Yesterday Morn I woke up with these "butterflies in my tummy" ~~ A hangover from the early morn nightmares (yes plural)! Now they don really classify as a "nightmare" ~~ Cause they weren’t really "scary"! Each dream thou had a pattern thou ~~ Of a calamity (not a major one mind u) that is this close to happening but is averted at the last moment! N a repeat performance of this thru the night ensured that I woke up in not the best frame of my mind! But as the day dawned I got so involved in the routine that this thots were shoved away somewhere!

So why this post now? Cause well the dream jus played out in front of my eyes last night....... When I reached hom from office, the sight that greeted me was this huge beehive in our bedroom balcony! Now now this usually doesn’t hv my eye popping out... U c these guests make a appearance atleast once a year(Thanks to this well maintained garden opp our house ~~ courtesy the church convent) ! N the lazy bums we are, we jus let them thrive there until the watchman manages to get those bee hive hunters!

But today, with my mom around ~~ she got this crazy idea that the bee hive on our balcony is a a epitome of a unkempt house and so took this as a personal insult which had to be set right ASAP.

Now in hindsight, I wonder where did all our presence-of-mind disappear! The huubs n mom(ably guided by me) decided to spray "Hit" on the beehive ~~ Now imagine the chaos tht followed post tht! We had closed our doors and windows but v conveniently forgot that they can swarm the entire building soon ~~ thou thank heavens that the worst case scenario dint really play out ~~ the damage was v.v.minimal(Jus one person bitten ~~ I still dono how!) but the heartburn that ensued (for lack of presence-of-mind n the sight of the dead bees) did ensure that my smiley is still :( The topping on the cake should be the news of  a young colleagues accidental death that hit me first thing in the morn!

Here is hoping that there is no repeat performance of this dream anytime!

Funnily enuf after all that fiasco, the only thing that bring a small smile back on my face was to see a new horde of bees coming back and building the hive all over again... Indeed a grim reminder that life does go on!

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