Cloud Watching!

Cloud Watching ~~ Ho yes u read tht rt! N, no I dint mean sky watching ~~  'Cloud Watching' is a v distinct, different hobby from 'Sky Watching'. Read on to know how I hit upon this pastime.........

When I was a child I firmly believed that people who die look down at us from the sky camouflaged as clouds ~~ courtesy my grandmother \my father(was it a ploy on their part to get us to shut our mouths for a while!). So there I was ~~ accompanied by ma sis ~~ up on the terrace trying to figure out as many shapes as we could. N discover shapes we did ~~ from people to animals to birds to dragons(ho yes!) to well u name it........ Lol!!

This is a habit that still catches me unawares ~~ So next time u c somebody peering closely at the morn sky nee the clouds, u know its yours truly :).

Look at this pic n c'mon put on ur thinking hats n start fishing out 'figures' in there....

I c a mouth-wide-open tortoise, A big fat cat, A crocodile, A fish, A lizard..........

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  1. Beautiful cloud formation!

    Chubskulit, ABC Wednesday Team.

  2. I see a surfer!
    Great concept!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. beautiful!
    Clouds are so stunning...

  4. nice

  5. You need imagination to see figures but I did see the open mouth tortoise :D

  6. Clouds are awesome :)
    I see the tortoise - straining to see the others though :(

  7. Great capture. Have a great WW!

    My WW.

  8. Flying water dragon from China celebrating their New Year :).