On A Beach-Side Stroll.....

Exercise I guess is the bane of ma life... I jus cant get myself (n hubbs) motivated enuf to drag myself for any kind of exercise on a daily basis. But funnily enuf the only time when I up early in the morn n raring to go is when am on a hol. N then the exercise would invariably involve a walk around... be it in a park or around the resort or the beach! Thou definitely a walk around any kinda water source should top the list....... possibly cause its such a refreshing break from my everyday!

This time on a morn stroll at the beach in pondi, this is a sight I came across:

A father teaching his kids to fly a kite! Now it dint need much of interaction to know that they definitely are from the 'poorer' strata of the society. But then to have these priceless moments, isnt that a treasure in itself!

A little down the beach was this sight. A young man has collected the boys from the neighborhood (possibly children of the nearby fisherman) and brings them over every weekend to the beach. On that particular day he was teaching those boys some kinda gymnastics. Now, thou I belive these children pick up all these gymnastic moves without any help from anybody, the very effort to channelize their energy is indeed a worthy deed.....

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  1. There is something about beaches. You often see people laughing and grinning. Nice pictures.

  2. That 2. pic is very good as there is so much exercise and movement !!!