... Sizzling 5 years tht I met ma hubbs!

To be noted tht its not yet 5 years of marriage but the day marks 5 years of the 'Bride-Seeing' Ceremony.... You can read my 'Jab We Met' story here.  Doesnt it seem a non-consequential day to be remembered n celebrated! But if you ask me... It was this day (22nd of November) 5 years ago tht kickstarted this new phase of my life :). A day to be treasured rt........... N wht betta way to celebrate a 'Sizzling' life than with a 'Sizzler'

@ Kobe in Koramangala - This place gets a Thumbs-Up from my side! Almost lip-smacking!!!

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  1. Nice Job We Met Story and of course the food looks divine, have a good time.

  2. Ofcourse it needs to be celebrated :)
    Bestest wishes :)

  3. Happy Anniversary dear, I read your jab we met and its dam cute :)