Jab we met...part 2

Read part 1 of the story before reading this post

The part 1 of the story ends at the point where the lucky boy arrives for a traditional 'girl seeing' ceremony! Well as all of u accustomed to these ceremonies might know, these are generally gloomy, sad event wherein everybody sits around with a grim face and the girl is paraded and a no.of stupid questions asked to judge her musical, culinary, artistic skills......! But well in our story there is a welcome change here.......

As soon as the girl (of course all decked up) walks in the guy treats her with a 10K watt smile and a 'hi' n the potential bride reciprocates it with no second thots ....n now this is in complete contrast to a shy bride...ha didn't I tell u our heroine is smart!! But of course the parents treat the girl with threatening glares as if to say 'Behave yourself' ! N after the tea n snacks are all eaten up somebody had the good sense to suggest that might be the hero n heroine should be given a chance to talk in private! N both of them jump up, grab up the chance n start talking away to glory!!

So what do u expect a gal n boy meeting up to decide whether they should spend rest of their life together to talk?? Might be some imp issues like future plans, career interest and so on. But well our hero n heroine decide to talk abt the fav hotels they know, their fav actors n actress, share notes about novels, movies, hobbies n all!! N the icing on the cake is after this IMPORTANT conversation they agree to marry each other (Mind u they make up their minds in a matter of 2-3 hours on basis of this flimsy conversation)!!!!!!!! Two years have passed since then and like a perfect fairy tale ending .....they live happily ever after.......

Liked the story??

Now Ladies and gentleman I take the pleasure to Introduce you to the young, dashing, handsome hero Pravin Menon(our hero) and his wife (the heroine) Meena Menon .....yeah thts meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! N Nov 22(tomorrow) is the day we first met and said yes!! N that I believe is the best ever decision I made in my life ( Touch Wood)......

~~~``"Marriage is ever made by destiny."


  1. Just soooooooo romactic Meena "gaaru"......

  2. Congrats Meena & Pravin..
    Its very good & Intresting ..i read complete story....

  3. Ur story(Pravin,Meena) is more interesting than Jab we met story(Shahid,Kareena) nice one

  4. That a wonderful narration--of pure fun reading a lovely life story! well split in two parts :)


  5. I loved it! You make me hopeful of landing myself a good hubby... you know na, the scenario here - heroine, marriageable age, kerala settled family, searching only matrimonial adverts, what to do :P