Kaash Ye Halwa Hotha!

If you been reading this space, you know tht am foodie. But me in kitchen, now thts a sure shot recipe for disaster :). Tthankfully I hv a sis who as siblings are meant to boosts up my morale ... she almost makes me feel as if am a pro at kitchen.. lol! Now am sure you need no explanations of how gr8 her culinary skills are!!!!!!

Given all this, a dessert she dished out by her(Her First I should add) surely deserves a entry here rt.... So heres presenting to you the sumptuous 'Kasi Halwa'

Do not go by its 'dubious' looks. It was finger-licking yummmm!

The best part of it is its recipe... Custome made for any novice!

  1. Grate a white pumpkin and roast it in ghee till it seems to change colors (Which means standing near the gas-stove for a good 15-20 mins!)
  2. Now add sugar to it until it dissolves (More hard work! ANother 15 mins! Nobody said making sweets is no-sweat!)
  3. N abracadabra! Ur Halwa is ready! Go ahead n garnish it with cashews, dry grapes, pista......
PS: The title is courtesy hubbs, who went chanting 'Kaash Ye Halwa Hotha!' from the time the pumpkins were bought.. LOL!

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  1. oh my gosh.. that looks super yumm..

  2. looks super delicious..I wish I could get some of it..

  3. Really yummy looking dish and a favorite sweet in all weddings.