Hogenakkal ~~ A rainy Affair!

Imagine sailing in a coracle in a valley ~~ A valley of waterfalls ~~ as you are sprayed with the jetting water from all sides.....

Will let  the pics to do more talking......

All these pics were shot @ Hogganekkal!, a few hrs drive from Bangalore

The day I stepped out for this trip it was raining cats n dogs n the downpour jus seemed to increase as the time went by... So much so that we had to stop the coracle in between n use it as a shelter! But on afterthought, the rain proved a blessing in disguise..... No scorching sun (N this place is famed for the heat that can make u go grrr) n more importantly no crowd (Jus a handful of coracles were out tht day as against the 100s tht usually frequent this place)!

The best part of this trip? Hot piping fresh fish fried on the river side... Imagine devouring this as u step out soaking wet :)

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title n the coracle pic is courtesy sabina zacarias!


  1. Wow! This is tempting. Great pics.

  2. I always wanted to go here, never got an opportunity..Next time I am in blore I will. Thanks for sharing..

  3. What a pretty spot even in the rain. It sounds like you still had a wonderful time. Nice post. genie

  4. Oh, what wonderful coracles! And such a fabulous experience.

  5. Oh I luv the place! Coracle rides are so much fun :)