Book Review: Arranged Marriage

My constant grouse wheneva I read short stories is the fact that the characters arent really fully developed! They seem to end jus as they begin n so u rarely get lost in them... U know what am talking of don u!

But one book tht broke this opinion was "Arranged Marriage" by  Chitra Divakarunni! This book has chronicled the chemistry of Indian Marriages like no other...

Hats off to you Chitra Divarakunni! Like I said here you are indeed a amazing writer!

PS: Another book of hers that came in highly recommended was "Mistress of spices" ~~ yeap it dint disappoint but "Palace Of Illusions" and then "Arranged marriage" win hands down if you ask me!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book. I am just about to complete 7 years in Tibet.