26\11 Mayhem - A true story!

A young girl fresh out of college, working in a top notch IT company, drawing a heavy 6 digit salary ~~ falls head over heels in love with a colleague of hers - from different state, religion. Blessed with level-headed parents, the couple settle into a 'happily ever after' married life.

A few years into the marriage the guy is transferred to our own amchi mumbai and the girl was to follow soon! The boy with stars-in-eyes books a flat and was zipping away on his bike to the new abode....and it is at this point the entire story goes hay-wire!

This my dear friends happened exactly a year ago...on 26\11 the poor boy fell victim to the mindless 26\11 mayhem in mumbai! Sample the remaining story to know how rude fate can get...

Meanwhile the girl was awaiting to hear back from the guy! The network was all jammed and this she thot was why she hasnt heard from him! The harsh truth isnt something she had even thot of in her distant dreams! A fear started dawning in only when the hours tickled by and she hadnt yet heard anything from him even the next day. She lands in mumbai all alone to search for him...she goes searching in his office, neighbourhood, hospitals,approaches newspaper, TV channels in hope of finding him but all efforts draws a null! At the end of massive hunting all that the girl gets is his bike n ID card at the shooting point but no trace of the body...possibly burnt away in a mass graveyard!

This is no piece of fiction...its the true story of my colleague's cousin! The poor girl almost on to become a psychiatric patient but was thankfully pulled out there by my colleague! She had to leave her family, job back in hyd and rushed to this girl's rescue.......

Today after a year the poor girl still refuses to remove her Mangalsutra and believes that he must be still alive somewhere.

Terrorism until I heard this was just another headline for me! But its only when you hear these stories striking your near and dear ones that you realize how irreversibly life can be altered...wasn't that girl cruising in a same boat like me and you until a rude jolt of terrorism drowned her boat!

                    "There is no way to Peace,
                                  PEACE IS THE WAY"


  1. I cant even imagine that :(
    I so hope what she hs been wishing for comes true .. I hope and pray he is alive!

  2. truly touching...i remember you talking about it...i'm glad u posted it for the world to read...may god give your friend and her cousin the strength to go through this...om shanti, shanti, shanti...sabina