A few Fishy Tales......

A swarm of fishes attacking your legs eating away all ur dead skin n leaving it shining fresh(supposedly)....But but does the pic looks freaky!!! Well well watch the live reactions of a few of the victims.....

Ha ha the reactions range from yucks, goovy and 'Why the Hell did I let u talk me into this'(the exact words of my hubbs)! Ha N what is not captured in this pic(luckily) is these loud wails that yours truly broke in when the fishes attacked her legs!!

Ha so that are the  Fishy Tales- @ a Fish spa that we were upto last weekend! BTW the reactions of my mom (in the pic) made this experience take a whole new dimension in itself....a pure unadulterated joy considering this pedicure (forget fish pedicure) is a all time first for her!!

PS: Click on pic to view them better


  1. LOL .. hv heard and read a lot abt this one :P One of my friends even took her feet off many times initially before getting used to it and experiencing bliss :)

  2. I can imagine u screaming LOL .. btw fishes everywhere seem to do this, whether ur in a river, pond or lake .. its always a funny feeling with them nibbling :) .. bigger ones do pinch hard though ..

    Enjoy ...