Do ping in at 'Ping'!

If u were reading a blog atleast once a blue moon chnaces are u know tht me n hubbs are big time foodies! Afterall Whats life minus good food!! N eating out is a regular happening! Come any occasion n days before u'll find me looking out\reading up reviews for hotels to eat out(today almost loioked up a hotel review for newyear :-p). This one is a review about a cute small place in Koramngala...'Ping'\'Dessert Bay'!!

The word 'Ping' supposedly means 'the best\The highest standard' in doe sthe experience there match upto its name?? Read on and decide for urself....

Now I wouldnt say that the food is out of the world or something....but again as with all these 'Happening' places they know how to target the Single and DINK crowd (DINK - Double Income No Child Couple -- A Lingo I just heard)!

Now to be fair the variety of dimsums - spicy soya and Basil Dimsum, Prawn Tail Dimsum  - they serve there is mind boggling . But its the presentation and the service that takes the cake here! Look at this pic and you'll know whhat am talking........A steward walking up to you with all desserts of the day....mouth watering ha! Now now who wouldnt fall to this...I ofcourse did n our group ended up tasting most of them!

N now to the location - their indoor seating thou pleasing isnt anything to write home about but they have this cute seating arrangement 'Dessert Bay' outside with a small water body.....imagine a pleasent night licking neat your tiramissu with the pleasent air blowing in your face...Heaven I tell you!!

Check the collage for th outdoor seating pic and te clean-wiped plates talk for the food here :)

May be the next time I go there I can do a better review on the food...was too busy taking in the place that the foood just didnt sink in!

N talking of Tiramissu, to taste the best Tiramissu in B'lore head to this place called 'BLliss' - In forum Value Mall, Whitefield! Its more like a choco Pub and the Tiramissu there I tell u is real 'Bliss'....


                                                     Indeed life is yummm yummm!

For reviews on other places in B'lore drop in here!


  1. I did catch up with a few friends @ Ping last time I visited Blr :) I loved the dimsum cuisine too :)

  2. Then maybe we should meet up there or in hyd...wht say?

  3. That wud be gr8 :) Any plans to come this side in the nr future ;)

  4. I just loveee dimsums.. The collage looks heavenly delicious.. U really made me hungry..