Goa: Untouched

Waana Sample a piece of Goa untouchedv by all touristy things?? Waana sample the good old Goan village style? How abt visiting a few archeologically protected Hindu temples??

Then  head striaght to Divar Islands. N how do you get onto Divar Island?? Hop onto a ferry from Old Goa...N the Ferry here is more than a touristy thing...it is the only means of transport for the islanders......n so it ferries not just u n me n loads of fsih but also ur bike, cycle car or lets say a lorry! N once there you are magicallly taken transported to another world....far away from all the maddening tourist crowd! N what a place it is...filled with old Portugese home(most of them deserted) and life moving in its own idylic pace....Life in its purest form! Make sure u visit the old church there...n the caretaker there will let u explore the entire place all the way upto the clock tower...n all u hv for company upthere are the Bats!!

Dont miss the vehicles on the ferry

The church at Divar Island

An Old Portugese - Goan Home

From Divar Island take another ferry and go onto Naroa . As soon as you enter here you find a stark differencde bettwen Divar Island and this place. While Divar Island has a heavy influence of portugese....Churches, Victorian style homes n ladies dressed in sortest of frocks n skirts; Naroa  is a predominantly hindu village with a strong Marati influence. Once here check out the old temples which have been earmarked by archeology socity of India!!

Imagine Goa N old Hindu Temples....A connection I never made before.


  1. Wow! This is really interesting! Makes me wanna head there rt nw :P
    Liked this post :)

  2. Gal am waiting for ur travelogues! N the it'll be my turn to go J :)