And we're Back....

.....from a holliday in Goa:).

After a long hiatus we're back in the holidaying circuit n what a come back it was......A road trip via B'lore - Gokarana - Goa - Hubli - B'lore spanning 1600 KM, 8 days, 3 hotels, endless bottles of beer(yeah yeah I hv graduated from Breezer),  sumptuous sea food ........

But as they say all things come back to an end and here I am back to the everyday grind....But then thats life...beautiful life....N isnt it the nitti griitties of everyday living that makes life the most beautiful!

Vachchuneta(good bye in konkani) till I get back with the tales of sun n sand........


  1. are rely rocking chechy.....\m/

  2. Cool! Waiting for the updates n pics :)
    Cheers to many such awesome vacations :)

  3. @Jose....thts the fun of growing up n getting married :-p

  4. @Swaram...Thank You N i hope this is once again the begining of many other travels