Quill(a) time in Goa!!!

Title coutesy mu hubs!! N its meant to  translate to Forts(Qilla ~~ Fort in Hindi) in Goa

Goa N forts!! Now Now if u hv this sardonic expression on ur face imaging that its one of the many run down forts that every city in India...lemme give u this piece of info that may just catch your interest!! Remember the scene below from Dil Chatha he??Yeah yeah am talking of the same fort here.....The chapora fort. Ok now to be fair the fort owes its fame to the movie....the scene from there if not breathtaking is still beautiful!

To the left is the scene from DCH N to thew right is my hubbs...proof tht we been there n done that :-D

But something tht is more wort the time will be a visit to Fort Tiracol! Accessible again by jumping into a ferry....but but may I suggest a more laid back n a beautiful way to approach this place! Ditch the ferry n hire a boat across the river and if you are lucky you'll get a boatman who'll entertain with a fishing expedition n some interesting snippets - and grabbing by Russian Mafia in Goa!!!! N u'll believe it once u see the number of sign boards in goa in Russian; And ofcourse a dose of gyann about how Indian women should break free of inhibitions n fears......N when it comes from a seasoned fisherman it hits you hard :). N after the delightful ride acroos you reach the Tiracol fort which is now converted into a super uber luxury hotel! But itsnt this place that impresses you as much as the sunset view from the barren lands alongside this hotel........n topping on cake its deserted n you enjoy the most romantic sunset :-p.

Sunset from Tiracol

The crimson Sky

Yet another Traveller on this Lonely Planet

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