Khelo Khoodo - Goa Isshtyle!

A trip to Goa with no water sports - unimaginable!!! It was a dose of these watrer sports that was the biggest lure for the hubbs of mine........ N the nightmare for me!! Me n all the topsy turvy rides just dont go together!! But being the Indian wife silently accompnied my hubbs :-D

The only thing tht i was ready to bet on was a Paragliding n man was I glad I did that!!! Oosh you go up in the air above the waters with feet dangling n u are almost flying up there.................... but but if its gotta 'us' in the story then there gonna be a twist!! The hubbs of mine had generously tippred the boatman to take us all the way and then dip us to right into the water!! N all this without realizing that moi is in my trademark specs..yeah yeah the intelligent me decided to go in with specs...hello how do you expect me to enjoy the view minus specs!!! N then as you must have guessed to the debris of Goan Beach is added my poor colorful specs!! Which mean the rest of the trip was minus my specs...OMG!! On a brighter side, the lazy me was forced to hon my lens n tht meant bette rpics with my goggles :-D...Isnth there a silver lining after all!!

Ofcourse there are other rides...Jet skiing, Banana rides n all which my hubbs was hopping on n off like a kiddo...n your truly has better sense than to try all of these!!

Imagine jumping up above the waves in a scooter...Yeah right!!!

N now for some interesting Observations:

  1. Only Indian tourist seem to be trying their hands at these water sports(for obvious reasons??)
  2. The facilities at Baga Beach seem not-very-indian complete with booze n food served in deck beds, sun-bathing tourists etc while Calangute has hardly any of these facilities......its more like your other indian beach with shore side peppered with peannut sellers n oglers and ! But the rates at Calangute are way cheaper than Baga!!

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