Summer Treat...

Last week we went on a road trip across parts of Tamil Nadu. The summers here are scorching but  - as if to compensate for it -  its when the nature is at its abundant best!

One of the unsung heroes of tropical fruits should be the humble "Ice Apple" or "Nungu" as it is called in these parts. That Jelly-like fruit has a complex taste that's difficult to describe!

Now while I have had Nungu from my childhood, its for the first time I came across "Pathaneer". Pathaneer is basically sap collected from Palm trees. The Nongu sellers in interiors of Tamil nadu, usually have a pot of Pathaneer in their push-cart which is served to you in dexterously molded Palm Leaves!

Come summer, I make sure I treat myself to these delicate tasting Ice-Apples! Linking this to Linking this to AtoZ challenge - S is for Summer Treats!


  1. I love love tender coconut!! The water and the malai inside!!
    I used to drink one everyday while returning home from work and twice a week, eat the malai as well! :)

    You brought back some lovely memories!! :)

  2. Hey Meena,

    That does look delicious. I need to find one here in Mumbai. It sells at a lot of places - but not around where I live.

    Thanks for rekindling my childhood memories. :)

  3. Is this the tender malai of the coconut?? Never seen it in this form. From the pics I can tell it is the perfect summer fruit. Naryal pani and the tender favorite in summers, well next to mangoes! :D

  4. I haven't tasted this fruit before...will look for it and taste for sure

  5. I think I had tasted it once when I went to Kerala. Don't remember the taste though :)

  6. Lovely pics :D Makes it look so delicious :) will have one for sure, next time when I come to India :)