Gorgeous Nature : Enroute Ooty

After Maharastha road-trip will you join me for a quick weekend getaway....

Pheno won a holiday voucher  last year that offered a 3D - 2N package across India and abroad! The late lateefs we are, we woke up at last minute to realize that the voucher expires in next few days. In the last minute frenzy, the only viable option was Ooty! Yea, our reaction was exactly that -  "ooty $%^%&%^%". I mean who in their senses would want to visit Ooty to relax - a place that's bursting at its seams with tourists!!! Anyway we consoled ourselves that its about the journey and not the destination...

The road trip to ooty from Bangalore passed through Bandipur forests, eucalyptus-bamboo groves, tea gardens at Gundalpet, Paiakra lake and grass lands of Niligiris. Pheno was literally squealing in delight......

Please drive Carefully on these roads thru Bandipur Jungle......

@Pykara Lake. It will give Ooty lake a run for money Anyday

Gurgling Waters of Pykara......

For those of you driving down from Bangalore to Ooty, I will suggest you take the Gundalpet route(as against the Ooty Hairpin route) at least one way - Nature will definitely bowl you over! Indeed it was the perfect start for our holiday...

Alas, The moment we entered the famed "Charring Cross" of Ooty, our bubble burst! The streets were overcrowded with tourists -   so what if it was a off season at the fag end of monsoons! We were booked in at Club Mahindra's Derby Green( part of the voucher - I have reviewed it here). But as evening set in and we settled down at the resorts patio with a  drink or two , everything seemed hunky-dory again :-P.

Linking this to AtoZ challenge  G is for Gorgeous Nature


  1. Wow.. amazing pics!! Very beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

    Shalzzz|Loving Life
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  2. Awesome pics!!! I feel bad to have not visited Ooty yet inspite on being in Tamil Nadu

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  3. Those are some beautiful captures. Loved the last two photos :)

  4. Beautiful! I have visited Ooty once and it is beautiful indeed...I only wish that the tourism there doesn't destroy the place...

    Random Thoughts Naba

  5. Beautiful shots there! You are so right - it is about the journey but a beautiful destination also lures, adds much to the journey itself, no? ;) Nature's Beauty is indeed Gorgeous. Nice post, Meena.

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  6. Wow the road trip seems fabulous!! Gorgeous pictures! I visited Ooty as a kid and only remember the handmade chocolates of that place! Yum! ;)

  7. Beautiful photos, almost felt like I am there! We lived in Connoor for a while and totally agree with your words "...Nature will definitely bowl you over!"

  8. Wow! What an amazingly beautiful road trip you had. The second and the third landscapes are so surreal.
    I can imagine the 'bubble burst' on entering Ooty... it is the same for us in Shimla. The place is ALWAYS teeming with people!! "|

  9. If I get a chance I will definitely visit this paradise...the pics are awesome...lovely post

  10. Definitely a BIG G for Gorgeous nature... Makes me wanna travel out of Mumbai now... Amazing scenery -- thanks for the tour today - I really loved it...

  11. Beautiful pictures. Benefits of having a photographer hubby :P

  12. Pykara Lake and Bandipur brought back some lovely memories!!
    Thank you meenz for making me smile! :)

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