A Walk in a Coffee Estate...

The best part of any holiday for me are the long walks in midst of unadulterated nature! Its funny but when am on trips, am generally the first to be up and about!!

These are from a holiday at a coffee estate in Chikmagalur. The homestay there was amidst coffee estates - I have posted about it here. The day we landed there, the owner offered to take us on a visit to his estates. It was a monsoon evening - so armed with gumboots, raincoat and a stick we were ready to go!

It was an absolute delightful three hours that followed... The extra-green plantation due to the recent showers, the ravines, the grasslands and the streams on the way were an absolute delight!

Linking this to AtoZ challenge - W is for walk in a coffee estate!


  1. These are some beautiful pictures of what must have been quite a beautiful vacation amidst all that green :)

  2. Must be wonderfully aromatic, no ? Coffee is so refreshing !