Happiness is..... ** Day 6 - Festival Of Words **

"Write Tribe" the amazing write club am a part of  is hosting its first festival of words from 1-7 Sep on the theme "Seven". You could get more details about it here....

Am choosing to write of the seven loves of my life....

  •  I wake up in a evil mood and try pulling a fast one on a friend! For the heck of it I predict that she will be "Engaged" over the weekend! N guess what happens - thou now am ruing the fact now cause  somebody is so busy day dreaming n doesn't have time for mere mortals :-/
  • I have sent up prayers hoping for a strangers marriage to break up soon! Don look flabbergasted... It so happens that a friend of mine realized wee bit late that she is in love with him and v conveniently that fellas marriage is on the verge of divorce ;)
  • A little gal all of 6 years saves a cupcake from her share, just to give it to her 'favorite aunty' :-P
  • A friend who will come all the way over just to meet you
  • Friends who will play the fool, who will willingly give u a shoulder to cry, who tempt  you so much with their their menu until you decide to move your lazy bum ;)

But well you may say this is what friends are for! Just that you do not know that they are all 'virtual' except a few I have met here and there.....

I have been blogging for a while but what I wasn't a part of is the commodore of fellow bloggers! But well all that changed with WriteTribe - I found not one but several bloggers there with similar wavelength and what a boisterous time ensued!!  Today most of them are way beyond 'virtual' friends and are what I consider close friends :)  Funny, no-nonsense, drama queens, book words, movie aficionados, foodies - they come in all flavours and ensure that there is hardly a dull moment online or offline!!

Corinne - Thank You for bringing all the nuts together under one roof and opening up this new world to me :).

As for the nuts, well you know who you are dont you :-D - Thank you for being a part of my life and believe me you, just your presence has seen me through some tough days........

As somebody shared on my my FB timeline yesterday....


  1. You are lucky to have virtual friends turn real friends. I am too, thankfully, so I can say that without turning green with envy :)

  2. Wow you seem to have some special connection up above.
    Indeed, even I have found many brilliant writers through this prompt.

  3. Such a happy post...but praying for someone's divorce :O

  4. Lining all the fb happy stickers .. :)

  5. Nutty post and enjoying it to the hilt. I am envying u for making such great online frenz.

  6. yes its always to good to have real and meaningful friends.No fake flattery.Am as thankful to write tribe as you.It has certainly opened flood gates of some wonderful worthy friend from the virtual world.

    Mt own friends are my ego booster's.I know for them my ugly dress will look beautiful to the.This is the reason why i have not shared my new blog with them.I want real and critical views on my blog.

  7. It is a beautiful thing to have fellow bloggers as friends, either virtually or in person. I am so thankful for some of the wonderful people I have met. Keep doing what you are doing!

  8. I am sooo happy to read this post. Can I let you onto a secret? I loved that divorce wala point. Somehow I could imagine the plight of your friend, no matter how inappropriate, love should succeed :)

    And meena thanks a lot for being there with us on write tribe... I seriously cannot imagine my life now without this group #truestory :)


  9. I somehow think that I know which friend is getting engaged and day dreaming, though I am here for the first time, I happened to read most of her blog posts :) Or may be my guess is wrong :) Anyways agree with you "happiness is having funny friends" :)

  10. So true ..Friends are the sugar free happiness in our lives ... too much wont do any harm

  11. Praying for a divorce... don't worry... will add that in my prayers too ;)

    And I agree with Richa... I am so in love with you girls and WT!! :) You Girls are just wonderful! :)

  12. I wonder which friend of yours dares to ignore you :/